Doctor in the House 1954

Doctor in the House

A topdraw British comedy, Doctor in the House is bright, diverting entertainment, intelligently scripted [from an adaptation of his own novel by Richard Gordon], and warmly played.
Background to the story is the medical school of a London hospital. Within 92 minutes, the film spans the five years in the life of a student group. The new recruit to the school is Dirk Bogarde, who is taken under the protective wing of three old-timers who had all failed their preliminary exams. Kenneth More, Donald Sinden and Donald Houston make up a contrasted quartet who seem to have ideas on most subjects but not how to qualify as a medico.
Much of the comedy incident has been clearly contrived but it is nonetheless effective, particularly in the scenes featuring James Robertson Justice as a distinguished surgeon and More.

Rank. Director Ralph Thomas; Producer Betty E. Box; Screenplay Nicholas Phipps; Camera Ernest Steward; Editor Gerald Thomas; Music Bruce Montgomery; Art Director Carmen Dillon

Dirk Bogarde ... Simon Sparrow
Muriel Pavlow ... Joy Gibson
Kenneth More ... Richard Grimsdyke
Donald Sinden ... Tony Benskin
Kay Kendall ... Isobel Minster
James Robertson Justice ... Sir Lancelot Spratt
Donald Houston ... Taffy Evans
Suzanne Cloutier ... Stella
George Coulouris ... Briggs
Jean Taylor Smith ... Sister Virtue
Nicholas Phipps ... Magistrate
Geoffrey Keen ... Dean
Martin Boddey ... Demonstrator at pedal machine
Joan Sims ... Rigor Mortis
Cyril Chamberlain... Policeman
Ernest Clark... Dr. Parrish
Maureen Pryor... Mrs. Cooper
George Benson... Lecturer on drains
Shirley Eaton... Milly Groaker
Eliot Makeham... Elderly Examiner
Joan Hickson... Mrs Groaker
Brian Oulton... Medical equipment salesman
Lisa Gastoni... Jane
Wyndham Goldie... Examiner
Richard Gordon... Anaethetist
Douglas Ives... Sprogett
Noel Purcell... The Padre
Bruce Seton... Police Driver
Geoffrey Sumner... Forensic Lecturer
Amy Veness... Grandma Cooper
Mona Washbourne... Midwifery Sister
Richard Wattis... Medical Book Salesman

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